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Project Delivery

lean back and relax from the very start

[Translate to English:] Planung, Bau und Anlagenbau

Planning, Building and Plant Construction

going the extra mile

[Translate to English:] Vergaberecht

Procurement Law

staying away from lawsuits after the selection process

[Translate to English:] Integrierte Projektabwicklung

Integrated Project Delivery

tackling big issues in the right way

[Translate to English:] Öffentliches Bau- und Planungsrecht

Public-Sector Building and Planning Law

on fertile ground

[Translate to English:] Transaktionen


on the leap to fabulous results

[Translate to English:] Finanzierungen, Joint-Ventures und Steuern

Financing, Joint Ventures and Tax

shaken or stirred

[Translate to English:] Asset Management

Asset Management

clean formulas with long-term effect

Smart video clip on comprehensive real estate life cycle consulting at RITTERSHAUS.

Real estate at RITTERSHAUS: We look after our clients’ real estate during its entire life cycle

We advise our clients on real estate law during the entire life cycle of their properties – from small projects to complex developments and transactions. The life-cycle approach that we practise extends to all questions concerning real estate law and building law. The real estate team at RITTERSHAUS comprises 28 professional experts in total; we are there for all stakeholders involved in the value creation chain of real estate.


Our advice considers all aspects of civil law, public law, and tax law. This means that we help you assess and acquire suitable plots; we assist you with the development of building land, the entire project delivery, and any construction-related legal advice as well as with the maintenance of your property portfolio; we also advise you on complex transactions involving share or asset deals including potential issues concerning financing regulations.


We know our industry not only because we are involved in large transactions but also because we handle projects on a day-to-day basis, in and out of court. On balance, only those who “know the ins and outs of real estate” can, later on, provide a realistic evaluation of transactions and get rid of obstacles before they turn into problems. At our Frankfurt office our notaries are available for certifications.


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Smart video clip on comprehensive real estate life cycle consulting at RITTERSHAUS.